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    Need Mature Consideration, Establishment of KDP and PPS Election 2019


    BANDUNG - The establishment of the Kecamatan Selection Committee (PPK) and the Polling Committee (PPS) in the 2019 General Election needs a careful consideration.

    First, it needs to be anticipated by winning the support of the pro-democracy community in order to synergize with KDP and PPS. Secondly, learning from the cases occurred, which in essence encourages the strengthening of officer integrity, and thirdly, the establishment of ad hoc bodies should result in qualified election organizers.

    This was stated among others by Commissioner of West Java KPU, Ferdhiman Bariguna at coordination meeting of ad hoc agency of PPK and PPS in organizing election 2019 at Hotel Grand Mercure Jl. Setiabudi No. 269-275 Bandung (5/2). The event was attended by 50 Commissioners in charge of socialization and human resources as well as structural officials related to District / Municipal KPUD West Java.

    According to Ferdhiman, the performance improvement of Bawaslu, Panwaslu, Panwascam, and PPL should also be offset by other election organizer performance, especially KDP and PPS. "Thus, everything can be integrated into realizing political education and political tourism facilities," he said.

    At the same time, Commissioner of the Human Resources Division and Community Participation Relations, Nina Yuningsih confirmed that Raker aims to improve KDP performance indicators. "This forum is also expected to arrange a schedule of stages, including recruitment mechanisms," he said.

    It also offers two recruitment options, namely open or evaluation. "Both have their respective advantages and disadvantages, both of which are at risk," he added, noting that the results were uniform. Meanwhile, the Secretary of West Java KPU Heri Suherman reminded the election organizers to be honest. "Thank you for your salary, performance benefits, and other relatively large facilities." Avoid budget misuse, "said Heri.

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