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    Beware of Landslide, It Turns out January 2018 Relatively High Events


    BANDUNG - The occurrence of natural disasters, especially the movement of land in the area of ??West Java was relatively high. During January alone there have been recorded 20 deaths from landslides. Responding to the incident takes public awareness until next March.

    Head of PVMBG Geological Agency of the Ministry of ESDM Kasbani said during January 2018, recorded the death toll reached 20 people due to landslides.

    "The beginning of this year is high, because the rainfall is still high," he said.

    He said the average death toll from landslide disaster each year reached 200 people. So that landslide disaster should be a serious concern for all parties.

    The trick is to comply with the map of prone land movements issued by the Geological Agency. In addition it is always actively reporting the conditions around to the authorities as early anticipation.

    "January and February are relatively the same (disaster) because the rain is still very high, even until March is still raining," he said. Jo

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