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    Stabilize the Price of Rice, Supply Chain Must Be Addressed


    GARUT - West Java Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar says the poorly organized food supply chain or distribution system in West Java is the main cause of food price spikes or the disappearance of some food commodities on the market. Not long ago, due to the rice price hike, the government plans to import rice even before the harvest season.

    "The cause of the substance price increase is in the supply chain, this must be addressed.This is the cause of the problem for decades.Because the distribution of less orderly, finally appeared speculators and imports," said Deddy Mizwar while accompanying the Minister of Agriculture in Pameungpeuk, Garut regency, (6/2).

    West Java Provincial Government, he said, is strengthening efforts to monitor the price of food commodities in West Java. This is done with a number of other parties to control the inflation rate in West Java.

    Jabarpun has an Early Warning System (EWS) or an early warning system to increase food prices in West Java launched by Inflation Control Coordination Forum (FKPI) of West Java Province and Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID) in West Java last year. This early warning system is available on the Food Price Portal (Priangan) Information Portal that people can install via the Google Play Store on their smartphones.

    To break the issue of high food prices due to lack of supply, valid data must be determined. For example, every day the data obtained from various food crops of districts, ranging from the type of food, amount, to the price.

    "For example, agricultural extension workers will report on how much rice, maize, chilli, this month harvest in which villages will collect data per subdistrict, then Jabar will have rice, corn, chili, how many and everywhere. chicken and meat, with accurate data rather than roughly, there will be no speculators, "he said.

    Given the proper data network of each food product in West Java, he said, will avoid speculation of improper import demand, farmers will get a decent food prices, and food prices on the market are stable.

    Supply chain with invalid data, causing a number of parties to use it for business purposes. Usually the government does not want to take risks when the food commodity prices soared and finally chose to import food.

    "If the data is valid, it could be unnecessary to import, so now, to avoid that problem, there must always be valid data that is measured in real time, we can create smart village that can provide the data of food at any time," he said.

    The interference of young generation and academics in agriculture is absolutely necessary for the modernization of agriculture in West Java. Therefore, it is necessary to regenerate farmers to maintain national food sovereignty, beginning with changing the identity between the peasant profession and poverty. (Even)

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