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    Iwa: Efforts to Evacuate Rapid Response Unit at 5 Point of the Peak Area


    BANDUNG - 5 residents of Kampung Maseng are still buried in avalanches that occurred in Puncak, Bogor.

    Chairman BPBD Jabar Sekda Jabar Iwa Karniwa said these five people are residents whose houses buried by avalanches on Monday (5/2/2018) afternoon ago. "There are 3 houses buried, I hope these five people can be found in a safe state," he said in Bappeda Jabar, Bandung, Tuesday (6/2/2018).

    According to him at this time BPBD Jabar, BPBD Bogor, Basarnas, Tagana and TNI / Police are doing evacuation efforts and search in a number of landslide locations that occur in five points of Peak. "We have coordinated with BPBD Bogor, they have also been directly to the location as soon as there is an incident with a quick reaction unit," he said.

    The evacuation process is done very carefully considering from BMKG report today it is predicted that rainfall will still be high. Yesterday's incident also caused a death toll on behalf of Lilis Kampung Naringgul residents. "In Kampung Maseng the disaster occurred due to a 300 meter high cliff with a width of 100 meters landslide," he explained.

    The occurrence of landslide also happened to Kampung Caringin where two houses were severely damaged, then Kampung Ranji landslide hit one house to be severely damaged. In Kampung Naringgul other than causing casualties, also caused two people slightly injured and one seriously injured. "The victim has been treated at Cimacan Hospital," he said.

    Iwa ensure the emergency response process is already under way. West Java Provincial Government has also prepared a number of assistance needed by the residents. "The rain is still happening, I ask all parties alert as well when the Peak path can be passed by two and four wheels.We from the West Java provincial government also grieve over the disaster that happened," he said. (Even)

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