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    Rice Harvest Movement and Rice Miller Farmers in Pangumbahan Village


    SUKABUMI REGENCY- Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman, accompanied by Vice Regent of Sukabumi, H. Adjo Sardjono, harvested paddy rice and acceleration of grain absorption of farmers (sergab) in Pangumbahan Village, Kecamatan Ciracap.Selasa (06/02).

    At the event, a symbolic purchasing of grain from the Sabilulungan Farmers Group by Bulog was implemented

    In his speech, Vice Regent of Sukabumi H. Adjo Sardjono said that in the 2017/2018 Planting season, the realization of rice cultivation until February 5, 2018 has reached 87.315 Ha or 85.54% of the planting target of 102,070 Ha. Thus the remaining planting targets to be achieved from today until the end of March 2018 a minimum of 14,775 ha, hopefully by 2018 we can surpass the set targets.

    Furthermore in Say, from the production side and the need for the consumption of its people, Sukabumi Regency has surplus so that it contribute to other area consumption need about 50%.

    "Meanwhile, the peak of harvest or harvest will take place in February-March and at that time usually the price of grain fell below the Government Purchase Price (HPP) as happened in some districts, especially in the south of Sukabumi" said Wabup

    Therefore, with the Absorption Grain Movement, farmers do not have to worry about low price at harvest time, because with the guarantee of price and market guarantee is expected to guarantee the sustainability of production and improvement of farmer's prosperity.

    Meanwhile, Indonesian Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman said that based on reports obtained from farmers the price of grain in Sukabumi District fell at the point of Rp. 3800 so the government must act quickly not to the price of grain fell again.

    Related to this matter, the Minister of Agriculture asked Bulog to buy grain of farmers with HPP that has been set by the government, which is Rp 3,800 per kg.

    To accelerate the agitation, the Minister of Agriculture not only asks Bulog to accept farmers' unhulled rice with HPP, but asks Dandim 0622 and the Babinsa to help absorb grain from farmers.

    According to him, Bulog warehouse can not be empty. If it is full, Bulog must find a warehouse for all the farmers' paddy to be absorbed. Therefore, farmers should not lose because the grain sold cheap or under the HPP.

    Present at the Opportunity, Chairman of the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU), Ministry of Experts, Head of Central Agricultural Quarantine Agency / Responsible Special Efforts Pajale West Java Province, Head of Agriculture Sukabumi District, Ciracap Subdistrict along with elements Muspika and other invited guests.

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