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    Stay away from Stigma "Moal Nyoblos Mun Teu Aya Artos"


    BANDUNG - Commissioner of West Java KPU, Endun Abdul Haq said beginner voters need a special approach with a distinctive language as well.

    Thus expressed Commissioner of West Java KPU, Endun Abdul Haq at the election dialogue event in order socialization Pilgub Jabar family of HMI-Wati Corps (KOHATI) Badko HMI Jabar.

    He also reminded the KOHATI family to stay away from money politics practices, because recipients and givers alike could be subject to criminal sanctions.

    "Stay away from the stigma moal nyoblos mun teu aya artos (will not vote if there is no money)," he told reporters in Bandung, Monday (5/2/2018).

    According to Endun, KOHATI HMI is obliged to help KPU to socialize Pilgub Jabar 2018 to 12 segments target socialization especially for beginner group of voters. Moreover, KOHATI big family in general is a young voter, so it can invite with language that is easy to understand people his age.

    "This is where the important role of KOHATI because with karaker and young soul tend to be easier to approach the voters beginners," said Endun.

    He added that beginner voters are usually critical and have no political choice.

    "As a senior at HMI, I ask KOHATI to play role in Pilgub Jabar, including helping to increase the participation of novice voters," said Endun.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of Dialogue Committee Ayunda Fauziah, called the dialogue entitled "The Role of Women: Socialization and Binoculars of Political Democracy in West Java 2018". The event was attended by a hundred KOHATI cadres of West Java District / City.

    He hopes that the 2018 election is aspirational, qualified and responsible especially for women to actively engage with voting rights and with the mandate as well.

    "Women are not just joining in but choosing intelligently," he concluded. (MAT)

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