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    Creative School RZ Print 20 Entrepreneurial Youth


    BANDUNG- Rumah Zakat organizes a Creative School program in collaboration with Creator School and attended by 20 youths in various regions. Creative School Rumah Zakat is a human resources development program in the village which is assisted by Creator School to produce entrepreneurs.

    Through the program, Rumah Zakat and Creator School provide coaching in the form of entrepreneurship training and practice. "I believe Indonesia is great not because of the progress of the city, but because of the progress of the village. Together with Rumah Zakat, I pioneered this program that aims to form the character of entrepreneurs in the village, that they are able to compete and be successful in doing business, "said Yuswohady, Principal Creator School.

    The participants who came from Banjaran, Subang, Garut, and Pangandaran get coaching for three months at the Creative School Rumah Zakat, precisely in Jalan Turangga no. 33, Bandung City. After getting some training, Monday (5/2) the participants presented their respective products. The majority of them make culinary products that characterize and uniqueness of their respective regions.

    The products presented are YoKrim (processed ice cream and yogurt), Manggobang (processed beverages from pineapple mango), Kasingsat Tea, Renbo Sugar and Saung Pepes. In the assessment process, the jury looks at various aspects, including design, packaging, product innovation, finance, and marketing.

    The judges are assessing the products of the participants, namely Herri Hermawan, Chief Operational Officer of Zakat House, Yuswohady, Principal Creator School or author of middle-class Muslim book, Ahmad Faisal, Chairman of TDA Community West Java, and Eggy Anwari, graphic designer.

    "The Creative School Program is very good, and it is also a pilot project to build young entrepreneurs in the village. Presentation of children's product presentation is good, if they are developed longer, then they will become the seeds of young entrepreneurs who are able to develop their respective villages, "Herry said. jo

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