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    West Java NTP Experienced in Highest Rise


    BANDUNG - Three provinces in Java Island experienced an increase in NTP in January 2018. The highest increase in NTP occurred in West Java by 0.79 percent, followed by East Java NTP rose by 0.27 percent, and NTP Banten rose by 0.13 percent.

    Three Provinces decreased by 0.88 percent, DI Yogyakarta decreased by 0.62 percent, and NTP Central Java decreased by 0.47 percent. Nationally, NTP January 2018 compared to December 2017 decreased by 0.01 percent from 103.07 to 103.06.

    Based on price monitoring results in 18 districts in West Java Province in January 2018 NTP West Java increased 0.79 percent compared to December 2017 NTP from 108.39 to 109.25. This is because the price index of agricultural products, the Acceptance Index of Farmers (IT) rose by 1.87 percent while the price index of goods and services consumed by farmers or the Paid Price Index (I B) increased by 1.07 percent.

    Head of BPS Jabar Doddy Herlando mentions in January 2018 from five agricultural sub-sector only Food Crop sub-sector which experienced increase of NTP that is equal to 2,74 percent from 105,83 to 108,73.

    While four other sub-sectors decreased. The highest occurred in the NTP Subsector of Smallholder Estate Crops decreased by 2.04 percent from 102.73 to 100.64, followed by Fisheries Sub-sector which decreased by 0.43 percent from 102.29 to 101.85, NTP Horticulture Subsector decreased 0.25 percent from 113.68 to 113.39, and NTP Livestock Subsector decreased by 0.11 percent from 113.93 to 113.80

    Growth of Price Index Accepted Farmers (IT) shows fluctuations in commodity prices produced by farmers. In January 2018, the Joint IT of five agricultural subsectors increased by 1.07 percent compared to IT in December 2017 from 143.21 to 145.89.

    When broken down by subsector, IT Subsector of Food Crops increased by 3.91 percent from 143.93 to 149.56, IT Horticulture Subsector rose by 0.93 percent from 153.11 to 154.54, IT Livestock Subsector rose by 0.73 percent from 139.93 to 140.95, IT Fisheries Sub-sector rose by 0.54 percent from 132.72 to 133.43, while the IT Subsector of Smallholder Plantation fell by 1.05 percent from 134.40 to 132.98.

    The price of goods and services consumed by farmers both for farmers' household and production process needs in January 2018 experienced a change of 1.07 percent when compared to the previous month which was 132.13 to 133.54. IB of the five subsectors simultaneously increased, the highest occurring in the Horticultural Crop IB increased by 1.18 percent, IB Food Plant Crop Subsector rose by 1.14 percent, IB Plantation Plantation increased by 1.01 percent, IB fisheries sub-sector rose by 0 , 97 percent, and IB Livestock Subsector rose by 0.85 percent.

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