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    Checking Results MC-0 in GBLA Repairs Issued Next Wee


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan together with Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil, as well as the Chief of the National Police's Criminal Investigation Corps (Bareskrim) Anang Iskandar, along with the West Java Police Chief General Inspector Moechgiarto, held a meeting of determining the starting point improvement (MC-0) of Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA) Stadium in Gedebage, Bandung on Wednesday (10/02/16).

    "I bring experts team to record the condition of the building which consist of 12 people from various disciplinary backgrounds. It would take about one or two weeks. After that, it will be officially handed over to Mr. Governor and Mayor to repair the stadium,” said Anang Iskandar.

    Various steps toward improvement of GBLA is conducted, so that these stadium can be the pride of West Java community and beneficial both to be used to exercise and also to be used for opening and closing ceremony of the PON XIX 2016 and Peparnas XV.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) hoped the determination MC-0 or the starting point of repairing, and the repairing process itself went smoothly and quickly completed as soon as possible. So that it can immediately submitted to KONI relate to stadium utilisation designed the international level for the implementation PON XIX and Peparnas XV 2016.

    "We are understand and respect the will of Bandung community in general. In order to the opening and closing of PON will be held in GBLA, we wish your prayer so that all the process in investigations will be going well until be handed over by the Criminal Investigation team,” said Aher.

    “As Chairman of PB PON, I want the opening and closing ceremony of PON will be held in GBLA. But then we consult with KONI in terms of requirements needed,” he said.

    In line with Aher, Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil (Emil) want GBLA repairs will be completed within 3 months. This is in order to attain any form of administration used the stadium in Gede Bage region. He was determined to continue encouraging the contractor to work day and night.

    Besides this, according to Emil, the construction problems experienced in GBLA was just simple. He said it because of the area was originally a marshland which inherently less stable. It moved into and laterally. It should be calculated carefully from the beginning. "There should be no short foundation. It was happened due to the poor planning," said Emil.

    "The target of the province, there must be a freely time for clarification and request to KONI. It needs months to be decided before the opening. I want it completed within 3 months and may be it can be met by the contractor. I will definitely push them to work day and night,” said Emil.



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