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    The Millennial Voter Rate in West Java is Top in Indonesia


    BANDUNG, - Millenial voters or young voters in West Java around 30 percent. They became a bone of contention, because his voice was decisive. Moreover, the number of voters in West Java is the highest in Indonesia.

    Commissioner of West Java KPU, Endun Abdul Haq said the millennial generation is divided into two millennially young generation born in 1990 until now and the old millennial generation born in the 80s to 90s. One characteristic of the young millennial generation is critical but still in the process of self-discovery.

    "Therefore, it is necessary to transform information, especially related to elections so that they can make choices and use the right to vote well," said Endun after attending socialization event Pilgub Jabar 2018 family of IPPNU (Association of female students Nahdlatul Ulama) at PWNU Building West Java on Saturday (3/2/2018)

    Endun hopes that the socialization participants can disseminate information obtained, either to colleagues, or in the organization IPPNU, family, and neighbors so that the target of voter participation as much as 77.5 percent can be achieved.

    "We expect participants to disseminate information to the public," said Endung

    Meanwhile, KPU Commissioner for Human Resources and Public Participation Relations, Nina Yuningsih confirmed the election is identical with giving hope to the leader.

    There is the responsibility of elected leaders to realize voter expectations. Therefore Nina invites the big family of IPPNU to participate in the election, either by using the right to vote or invite the nearest people come to TPS.

    He also reminded participants of the socialization to examine the candidates and their mission vision, in order to be elected qualified leaders. "Remind friends, family and neighbors of the importance of sound to determine a leader," Nina said

    On the same occasion, West Java Deputy Secretary PWNU Abdul Rofe Taufiq Umar said socialization activities pilgub as something meaningful for this nation. The statement was followed up reading the declaration IPPNU as a peaceful ambassador ambassador.

    "This declaration includes three important things that help the West Java KPU to increase voter participation, to help socialization, and become a promoter of peace in preventing hoax," he concluded (MAT)

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