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    Minister Susi Invites Young Generation Taking a Fishery Business


    BANDUNG, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia, Susi Pudjiastuti invite young generation to plunge into the entrepreneurial world, especially in the field of fisheries.

    According to Minister Susi, the potential of fishery business in Indonesia is relatively positive growth, namely the exchange rate of fish trade that was 104% now rose to 110-111% with profit reaching 120%.

    Although the profits derived from the fishing business are very high. However, there are still a lot of Indonesian people, especially the younger generation to pursue the business because it is still constrained by various bureaucracies involving business licenses.

    "Regulation is nets but the practice in the field has not been easy This is my homework and other ministers," said Susi, as a speaker at the simPATI Creativepreneur Corner event in Bandung, Saturday (3/2/2018)

    In addition, other obstacles are still found oligarchy and oligopoly of the old players that hinder the growth of fishery business. He advised the young generation to not have to go directly to the fishing business on a large scale but had to go through the process with the small business first.

    "I suggest if you want to do business fish should understand the marketing map first," said Susi

    When asked whether Susi chose to be a minister or businessman. He explains as long as ministers have almost no time privacy. He tells when he was after a bicycle exercise and then suddenly many people come to him just take pictures or say hello.

    "Now the minister has almost no privacy, everyone is watching me, but it does not matter," Susi said.

    Susi also preferred to be an entrepreneur because in the business world can more freely express his ability in the field of business. However, being a minister also said Susi should be able to inspire millions of people.

    In addition, continued Susi, a minister can make policies that favor the Indonesian people, especially fishermen. One of its popular policies has been to sink foreign ships that steal fish in Indonesian waters.

    "That is if the minister can make a policy that protects the nation of Indonesia.When I drown the foreign ship that stole the fish in us, Mr. President said the minister was scary, many memes about me but not this problem for the sovereignty of the Indonesian nation," he concluded (MAT)

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