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    Governor Urges Mass Media to Keep Peace West Java Election


    BANDUNG- The mass media has a very important role in the process of holding elections simultaneously in West Java. Especially in maintaining peoples and community peace.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said that the happiness between candidate pair (baflon) Jabar election will be disseminated to the corners of society by the mass media.

    "The Bogor, Sumedang, Pameungpeuk and all areas of West Java are aware of this information because of the role of the mass media," Aher told reporters after participating in Sawala Pilgub Jabar, which was won by KPU and PWI Jabar with the theme of Akur Jaga Lembur in Saung Ujo Bandung, Saturday (3/3/2018).

    If all media reports or describes information to the public by applying 'cover bothside' and 'cover allside' then become a media fact. This is information that will spread in the community so that it becomes a refreshing news.

    "So in the public will be circulating news information that educate, refresh and reassure
    to all, "Aher said.

    Aher mentions good news that will affect the minds of the community so as to generate ketentraman and kekurannya among existing community groups.

    "So the greatness and passion between the good parties are the candidates or the bearers, the Success team including the community will all become a democracy party with a harmonious rhythm, although different but still in the corridor is the guyub.It's what we want," said Aher .

    Meanwhile, the Governor of West Java appreciate the activities of Sawala Pilgub Jabar initiated by PWI and West Java KPU. According to him, this event is an appeal from both parties for the bapaslon to always get along and keep overtime during the implementation of the elections take place.

    "This activity is good yes, candidate discussion will be candidate pair (Bapaslon) West Java pilgub who take along and keep overtime," said Aher.

    He added that the most important thing now is how to make the vision and mission offered by bapaslon in order to attract people so they choose the best idea for the progress of West Java province.

    "If it was chosen, then that's the whole society's choice," he concluded. (MAT)

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