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    Aher is Optimistic that West Java Election 2018 is Safe


    BANDUNG- West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan admitted optimistic that the simultaneous elections in West Java in 2018 will be held safely.

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan mentioned there are two reasons that the Jabar elections will be peaceful and peaceful. First, if seen from the character of the community of West Java is gentle then necessarily five-yearly celebration is a conflict.

    Character of the people of West Java became the basic capital in realizing keguyuban so as to generate a high sense of security in community life.

    "I say that West Java is not vulnerable and tolerant, the evidence is visible and felling at the same time that the character of West Java society is gentle, asha, Asih and asuh and hade ka semah is the character of the people of West Java," said Aher told reporters after following Sawala Pilgub Jabar which dipraksai by KPU and PWI Jabar with the theme of Akur Keep Overtime in Saung Udjo Bandung, Saturday (3/3/2018).

    In the meantime, continued Heryawan, West Java Province has experience in conducting simultaneous elections that have been done three times in the area of ??West Java. Except, West Java has bad experience in organizing elections. So there is no reason to say that the implementation of local elections in West Java will be a conflict.

    "We have conducted elections simultaneously 2008.2013, now in 2018 is expected to run again safe," said Governor of West Java.

    Aher greeting Governor of West Java said it will continue to coordinate with all elements of society to keep making West Java a safe and peaceful area during the implementation of elections in conjunction 2018.

    "We will be doing our best in running elections as soon as 2018. We will coordinate with all elements of the law enforcement, TNI, Polri and ulama community including community leaders We will unite even in the future we will gather together to state that as the previous Pilkada will run safely and peacefully, "he concluded. (MAT)

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