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    Aher: Democracy Make People Safe and Prosperous


    BANDUNG- Democracy is a tool to achieve goals. Democracy is not a goal. The purpose of democracy is the life of a nation and a prosperous, secure, and servant country.

    It was expressed by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan when opening the Sawala Pilgub Jabar event dipraksai by KPU and PWI Jabar with the theme Akur Jaga Lembur in Saung Ujo Bandung, Saturday (3/3/2018).

    Aher familiar greeting Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan that rate, welfare can be interpreted when the fulfillment of physical and mental needs in a balanced manner. At the same time, security must also be ensured, and servitude is concerned with the utmost of worship.

    "Therefore goals must be good because a good process will reflect a good goal anyway," says Aher.

    The role of journalists is very important in disseminating the process information. He encouraged the mass media to always apply healthy journalism.

    "Use healthy journalism, or in my language tabayyun journalism ie check and recheck," said Aher.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of West Java KPU, Yayat Hidayat said this activity reflects the credibility of PWI so that the event could be attended by a number of West Java Governor's basslet. But Yayat reminded that the contestation runs with a very high level of competition.

    "Moreover, the cost of pilgub is very big and it will lose if there is no competition like that," said Yayat.

    He hopes the paslon clashing the idea as fiercely and freely as possible, so that the people can choose. The vision of the mission offered to the community must also be different and varied. In addition, he reminded that the paslon still get along and keep the relationship.

    "This is the meaning of political education, and people can enjoy the cool spectacle," said Yayat.

    On the same occasion, Chairman of PWI Jabar Mirza Zulhadi explained Sawala Pilgub Jabar event originated from the desire PWI and West Java KPU socialize Pilgub Jabar in casual format.

    "The idea is not in the form of a seminar, then the event was born Sawala," said Mirza.

    In addition, this activity was attended by several figures such as Asep Warlan Jabar and Cece Hidayat Padmadinata, and bomalon Governor and Vice Governor of West Java namely, Sudrajat, Ahmad Syaikhu, and Uu Ruzhanul Ulum. (MAT)

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