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    N219 Aircraft Nurtanio Returns to 14th Fly Test


    BANDUNG - Located at Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung, West Java, the first prototype of N219 Nurtanio aircraft returned to test flight to the 14th. Captain Esther Gayatri Saleh, PTDI Pilot Chief Test as Pilot In Command (PIC), and Captain Adi Budi Atmoko as First Officer (FO) who performed the 14th flight test.

    In addition to Pilot In Command and First Officer, in the first prototype N219 Nurtanio aircraft participated Ir. Justin Kus Wardana and Ir. Adriwiyanto Onward Kaunang as Flight Test Engineer (FTE), to ensure that each test phase of flight is carried out properly and correctly and guaranteed element of safety.

    The 14th flight test of N219 Nurtanio aircraft was witnessed by PTDI Technology and Development Director, Gita Amperiawan and PTDI Corporate Secretary, Ade Yuyu Wahyuna.

    N219 Nurtanio aircraft to date has conducted 14 times flight test with a total time of 17 hours. Currently we just completed the 14th flight, from 16 hours to fly plus an hour, about 17 hours, said Air Force Development Specialist PTDI Andi Alisjahbana.

    On the 14th flight test today, N219 Nurtanio aircraft performs an elevator test, to see the elevator response. So the elevator is at the rear, on the tail of the plane, which is horizontal. If you look at the elevator we love the feathers.

    "Today the task is to test the elevators, to see the response, whether given the input of this segment with the same time doing the right movement and good aerodynamics, and to see if the air flow is right according to plan," explained Andi Alisjahbana.

    N219 Nurtanio which on August 16, 2017 has conducted the inaugural flight test, until now still undergoing a series of certification tests. The certification process is an important process to ensure safety and security as it will be used by customers and the general public.

    "The certification process is a long process, and it is wrong if it is deemed to be just a fly ago it can be certified. We must prove to the Ministry of Transportation, in this case the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) that all safety aspects of this aircraft are assured. If anything is not good, we must fix it first. That's the essence of certification, "added Andi Alisjahbana

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