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    Legal Process of GBLA Proceed, Repairs Must Be Continued


    BANDUNG-Kabareskrim Police Headquarters still conducting investigations of alleged corruption in the construction cases of Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA).

    During his visit to GBLA Bandung on Wednesday (10/2), the Criminal Police Headquarters, General Police Commissioner Anang Iskandar said GBLA is a public facility, as long as the case is running, GBLA should be able to used by community.

    "So, the case is still under investigation, but because GBLA is a public facility, then it should be used by the community. Today, we will begin an investigation of damage GBLA, then we will hand back to the Bandung Government to be repaired," he said.

    According to Anang, GBLAs damage investigation is estimated to take 1-2 weeks, once completed will be submitted to the municipal government of Bandung to repair the damage.

    "Criminal Investigation of damage will be performed by experts team from various parties. The duration approximately are one or two weeks, when it completed we will hand back to the local government for repairing," he said.

    The Criminal Police Headquarters together with the Chairman of PB PON XIX Ahmad Heryawan and Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil, on Wednesday afternoon (10/2) reviewing GBLA stadium and held a determination meeting of Mutual Check or MC 0 to start repair GBLA.

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