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    Hadadi: Teachers Must Meet Teaching Workload


    BANDUNG - Head of West Java Provincial Education Office, Ahmad Hadadi, asked the teachers both civil servant teachers and non-civil servant teachers must meet the obligations that must be implemented such as teaching hours.

    "According to Government Regulation No. 19 Year 2017 on the Amendment of Government Regulation Number 74 Year 2008 on Teachers, the fulfillment of teacher teaching work loads of at least 24 hours face to face and at most 40 hours face to face in one week," he said.

    According to Hadadi, the workload or main task of the teacher is regulated in the same regulation in Article 52 paragraph (1) the contents of the teacher workload includes five main activities, which are planning the learning for students in the school, carrying out learning in school, assessing student learning outcomes, guidance and training, as well as carrying out additional tasks attached to the implementation of the principal activities in accordance with the teacher's workload.

    "The work load is part of working hours of working hours as a civil servant who as a whole at least 37.5 hours working in one week," said Hadadi, told reporters at the Office of West Java Disdik, Friday (02/02).

    Previously, the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan appealed to civil servant teachers together with other civil servants, work 37.5 hours / week so that the effective 7.5 hours / day. And to maximize the main task of teachers, in addition to filled with the process of learning face to face with students, teachers can also perform other tasks. (Parno)

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