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    Aher Appeals West Java Residents to Increase Alert


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) expressed his deepest condolences on behalf of the person and the West Java Provincial Government for the unfortunate persecution that happened to two Ustadz teachers in West Java.

    "Very concerned about this incident and asked the authorities to immediately investigate thoroughly. Hopefully there is no element of any kind, pure incident, we do not expect any elements behind this incident, "he said at Gedung Sate Bandung, Friday (2/2/18).

    On this occasion, Aher also calls for all parties to increase preparedness and early detection in anticipation of subsequent events.

    "We believe that this province is a tolerant, safe and conducive province, especially if it is associated with the elections. Alhamdulillah for almost 10 years I served, elections in West Java there is no significant friction, no physical violence, no serious problems. Even if there is a dispute, we all become witnesses to the history of the dispute ended in the Constitutional Court, "he said.

    This shows, says Aher, how the nature of society and the condition of West Java: safe, peaceful, no problem is meaningful. "Therefore when there is a security disturbance like this, we are worried that there are other disturbances for it must be alert and invite the scholars, boarding schools with the wider community, elements of government, Police and TNI to both commit to not happen again and can provide guarantees to the people of West Java are safe, especially facing pilkada simultaneously, "he said.

    Despite asking all to be vigilant, Aher still has confidence if the events that occur are not a sign that the security of West Java is threatened. "If anyone is worried that this event is an attempt to disrupt the party democracy, then it is still a presumption and a bad picture that never happened. Insha Allah, West Java is still Jabar safe, conducive, without significant interference. Hopefully this is a pure incident not an event with a background other than disaster, "he said.

    "Let us the people of West Java, all stakeholders be it government, community, Police, TNI to be alert as early as possible so that no significant security disturbances and we do early detection for this action do not be repeated for Jabar remain safe and conducive. I believe Jabar will remain safe and conducive, pilkada will be safe and conducive, "he asserted.

    "We are wary not for fear, but because love and love Jabar as part of NKRI. Because safeguarding and guaranteeing Jabar safe, Insha Allah Indonesia safe, "said Aher.

    Previously reported, Alabama Pondok Pesantren Al Hidayah Cicalengka Kab. Bandung, KH Umar Basri after prayer and remembrance at Masjid Al Hidayah, Kampung Satinong RT 03/01, Cicalengka Village, Bandung Regency, Saturday (27/1/2018). He could still be rescued and rushed to the hospital.

    Events of the persecution of religious leaders occurred again and hit the Commander of the Central Executive Brigade, Prawoto, in Block Sawah, Kelurahan Cigondewah Kidul, Bandung Kulon Subdistrict, Bandung, Thursday morning (1/2/2018). The late Prawoto died after receiving treatment at the hospital. Both alleged perpetrators of the persecution have now secured the authorities.

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