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    Members of the TNI are prohibited to be in entertainment venue


    BANDUNG - Soldiers or members of the active TNI are prohibited from being a security even protector of entertainment venues either individually or representing agencies.

    The message was conveyed by Pangdam III Siliwangi Mayjen TNI Doni Munardo in apple preparedness of Operation Gaktim and Yustisi Garnisun Bandung Cimahi 2018 at Jl. Diponegoro Bandung, Thursday morning (1/2/2018). The ban is one of the 4 points addressed by the Commander.

    "The activity is feared to cause new social problems in the future, then no longer justified there are members of the TNI who became the safety of places of entertainment" explained Doni.

    Another thing that is delivered is about motorcycle gangs and other potential crimes. "There is an MoU between the police chief and the Garrison for guidance and prevention of crimes committed by motorcycle gang members, besides prevention, law enforcement should also be done in order to assist the police task" he said.

    The Commander also affirmed about the control of shops selling TNI attributes both in Bandung and Cimahi. "The TNI attribute should not be sold freely, but if it can be coached, then the seller is prohibited from selling attributes to civil society," he said.

    At the end of his mandate as a ceremonial inspector, the Siliwangi Regional Military Commander Major General Doni Munardo asked his members to avoid further clashes between members and between TNI and police officers.

    "There is an agreement between the Commander of the TNI and the Chief of Police which one of the points is if there is a clash then both are in the wrong position" added Doni. (Even)

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