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    West Java Rutilahu Development Exceeded Target


    BANDUNG- Provincial Government (Pemprov) West Java since 2013 and has built a habitable home (rutilahu) as much as 127 thousand units. The amount exceeds the target that has been set as many as 100 housing units.

    "Even the amount exceeds the central assistance, APBD and District / City," said West Java Governor, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) to reporters in Indramayu district, Thursday (1/2/2018).

    Demiz said there are still many rutilahu in this Jabar which must continue to be built with the value of mutual help is very high from the community. He considered this to be developed so that 2019 cities without slums (Kotaku) and decent sanitation of uninhabitable homes can be achieved together.

    "Minimal Sanimas, SaberMas and Kotaku complete 2019. As for the uninhabitable house still running can be up to 20 23," said Demiz.

    He added that this program is rolled out so that public health rises and access to schools is open so that people can go to school as high as possible and also productive.

    "At least there are quality human resources are also productive," he added.

    Unfulfilled things such as free schools because there are changes and initially not the authority of West Java provincial government and now the provincial authority for high school / vocational school.

    Nevertheless some have been free as in Banjar, Pangandaran, Bekasi and some districts of the school city is free but not entirely free.

    "The important thing is not a problem free or not but do not let any one child in West Java who can not go to school because the poor can not be there, so there should be equal distribution of opportunities gratefully gratefully we can free because if 100% is impossible because there is still private schools that do not want to be free but efforts in public schools can be gradual, because the cost of each city / district is different.In Bekasi the State is free if the private has not, "he concluded. (MAT)

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