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    Provincial Government is Ready to Take Care 'Bebenah' South West Java


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz), revealed the Provincial Government, together with the Central Government is formulating poverty alleviation and regional development in the Southern part of West Java.

    At the coordination meeting of TKPK together with Kemenko Kemaritiman, and five regencies of West Java Province in West Java Provincial Bappeda Office on Wednesday (31/01/2018), Demiz revealed that there are generally three things that can be done in alleviating poverty in South West Java.

    The three things are, infrastructure development, socio-cultural, and economic.

    "That's how we focus on poverty alleviation in South Jabar, I think this is a very serious effort from the central government, like the President who is now seriously handling Citarum because it is very strategic," said Deddy Mizwar.

    Demiz emphasizes the handling of various problems in West Java South do need special attention. In addition to basic services, such as health and education, Demiz said infrastructure is also urgently needed.

    "Infrastructure what is effective is needed, so as well as improve the welfare in South Java, that's what we have to design" he added.

    As well as socio-cultural issues, how societies with their social culture can deceive whatever potential is in the region properly.

    "So we also need input from five districts in South Jabar, to tell us what is urgent to progress there," said Demiz.

    "Hospitals, schools, toll roads, airports, harbors, and even marine equipment such as large boats and docks or harbors and farming equipment are minimal," he added.

    Therefore, said Demiz, Local Government in five districts, namely Ciamis, Garut, Sukabumi, Cianjur, and Pangandaran, West Java Provincial Government, and related ministries, will be together 'bebenah' South Jabar.

    "Later leading sectornya I think in the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, because the coordinate, who does what?" he said.

    While related to budget items, Demiz ensures there will be a good division of the Regional Revenue Budget (APBD) and the State Budget (APBN) through the relevant ministries.

    For example, for schools, hospitals and other basic services can use local budgets. As for infrastructure such as airports, toll roads, ports, and other infrastructure it may be from the center.

    In addition, continued Demiz, it will first see the potential in the five areas are very important to take precedence development.

    "For example, there is a potential in agriculture, fisheries, tourism, trade and socio-cultural potential, so that once the potential is known, the development will be targeted so that faster economic capacity will increase in those areas," Demiz explained.

    "We see, fishermen, farmers they want to sell where, ultimately the price is continuously low, later after there is ease of mobility, expected to be high selling power," he said.

    Demiz targets that the designed program can run for the next five years, or around 2018 to 2023.

    However, with regard to major affairs such as tolls, airports, ports can not be done one, two, or three years. Because, there must be an assessment of the Spatial Plan (RTRW) and RDTR (Spatial Detail Plan) of the area.

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