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    West Java Targets 49.7 Million Tourist Visitors This Year


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government through Disparbud targeting the number of tourist arrivals in 2018 reached 49,750,000 tourists visit. Among them 48 million tourists visit the archipelago (wisnus) and 1.750.000 visits of foreign tourists (tourists).

    To achieve this target, in the Coordination Meeting (Rakor) I of West Java Tourism and Culture in Bandung, Wednesday (31/1/18), West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) emphasized several things related to the strategic plan that needs to be done to boost tourism in West Java. Present in this meeting are the Heads Disparbud district / city, as well as stakeholders of tourism and culture throughout West Java,

    Aher emphasizes innovation and great vision in the development of tourism in West Java. Development of its adde value tourism should be ensured again or can be felt directly by the community. Aher said, tourism development affairs should be a priority.

    "Do not hesitate to innovate for tourism, and tourism has added its full value to us. We are the basic material there, because the earth we have beautiful all kinds, "said Aher in his direction.

    He pointed out, Pangandaran Regency has succeeded in making a breakthrough, so that the world of tourism there can provide a significant increase of local revenue (PAD) for local income. "From the beginning Pangandaran have an awareness that the superior is tourism. When Pangandaran became Pangandaran Regency, his PAD was Rp 22 billion. Year 2017 PAD Pangandaran Rp 144 Billion. The jumps are due to extraordinary tourism, "Aher said.

    Furthermore, Aher said the breakthroughs and visions that Pangandaran made visible in the landscape of his city. Pangandaran dare to remove schools and small health centers to create green open spaces or parks equipped with big roads. Then Pemkab Pangandaran replace schools and puskesmas by school buildings and health centers are greater in other locations.

    In addition, the organization of a cultural event must be well coordinated, so it can take place with gebyar. "Therefore, coordination is crucial to double the positive impact or benefits of a tourism and cultural event. So the impact is not only on the success of the implementation, but also impact on adequate economic transactions that can be felt directly by the community, "said Aher.

    Another thing that Aher emphasized, infrastructure or cultural facilities. He pointed out the show buildings or representative art buildings must be owned by a region. Art and cultural events should also be included in the event calendar and well informed through a medium.

    "The venues of the show must contain the works of art to be displayed and enjoyed well, at once developed, and appreciated. And then build happiness through art. So, the arts building must be in the districts / cities each hiji (one), "said Aher.

    "At the same time we want a superior tourist destination. The winner will then make a provincial seed. Later each district / city has five seeds for example, and one superior province class. Well, later from the provincial level to determine where the seeds to the national level, "said Aher.

    Head Disparbud Jabar Ida Hernida said this target should be filled with the same spirit by all the city of kab in West Java. "The Head of Tourism and Cultural Office of the district / city with the course to prepare all the destinations and prepare all derivatives," he said.

    Furthermore, Ida explained that in order to achieve this target, the company has implemented pentahelix cooperation. Both involve the private sector, academics, as well as various parties who concern in the field of tourism and culture in West Java.

    "This is to boost West Java to become the largest tourism contributor in Indonesia," said Ida.

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