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    Literature Prize Winner of Rancage 2018 Announced


    BANDUNG-Literary prize Rancagé 2018 announced at the Ajip Rosidi Library located on Jalan Garut Bandung, Wednesday, which coincides with the event Milangkala or Birthday Ajip Rosidi who to 80 years.

    The Rancage Literary Prize itself began to be given in 1989, when there were not many authors who used the mother tongue in their Javanese and Sundanese languages ??at the time, two years later there was another author who used his mother tongue, Bali.

    For the year 2018, there are at least six languages ??included in the selection of prize winners Rancagé, namely Sunda, Java, Bali, Lampung, Batak, and Banjarmasin.

    Year 2017 recorded 28 titles of literature books of Sunda, in the previous year there are 40 titles of books published. These 28 outstanding books are in part Ajip Rosidi's work, so there are 15 books included in the assessment. These 15 books were chosen so that only two titles of books will be nominated, namely Hiji Date nu Dipasinikeun by Wahyu Wibisana and Miang by Nazarudin Azhar. From the two nominations were finally selected a work that won the prize Rancagé 2018, Miang works Nazarudin Azhar published by Langgam Pustaka is the winner of literary prize Rancagé 2018 for Sundanese 22 titles published in 2017, from 22 books published only 21 books which is judged because a book that is not judged is a children's story.

    Rancagé 2018 literary prize winner for Javanese, Kakang Crater Adi Ari-ari by Suharmono K published by One Kata Book Art Publisher.

    Of the 10 titles published in 2016, in 2017 there were only six titles. Despite the decline of published titles, literary life in Bali can still be said to be dynamic.

    Year 2017 has been held seven times literary event in the form of discussion and literature Balinese literature booklet. The winner of the Rancagé 2018 literary prize for the Balinese language, the Nirguna Kauh Sisi Month, published by the Expression Library.

    For the literary prize Rancagé 2018 for Lampung was given to Harya Ramdhoni under the title Semilau, The Rumpun Sajak published by Pustaka LaBRAK.

    For the Batak language itself, there are five titles published in 2017, which are two novels, two sets of short stories, and one collection of poems and of all these titles, all using the Batak Toba language, no one uses other Batak languages.

    For the prize winner Rancagé 2018 for Batak Language is Bangso nu Jugul Do Hami by Panusunan Simanjuntak which is published by Salasar Pena Talenta.

    There are only two eligible titles from the Rancagé Foundation in Banjarmasin and one of the conditions to be assessed is that stand-alone is not a collection of several authors.

    In addition to the literary prize Rancagé 2018, there is also a gift 'Samsudi'. This gift is given for children reading books published in Sundanese, there are four titles in 2017.

    The winner for this 2018 Samsudi prize is Ulin ka Monument by Tetti Hodjah published by Kiblat Buku Utama. The winners get the prize as well as the money of Rp5.000.000, - the same as the winners of Literature prize Rancagé 2018. (Pun)

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