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    West Java Transport Alliance Support Transportation Minister Regulation


    BANDUNG-Wadah Alliance West Java Transportation Aspiration (WAAT Jabar) expressed support for the government to immediately realize the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation (Permenhub) no. 108 of 2017 on the Implementation of Transport of People with Public Motor Vehicles Not In Route.

    WAAT Chairman Jabar Herman revealed, the government must be firm in the application of these rules. Because the presence of online transport-based applications need to be regulated. In addition, calling on the government to be consistent with the policies set out in the regulation.

    "We ask the government to remain consistent in the policy decided and published in Permenhub 108 in 2017," Herman told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (31/1/2018)

    He also urged the government to enforce the law and strict sanctions on the transport of online-based transport applications that are not adhered to the rules in force. So even with the transportation-based online applications that must comply with these regulations.

    "We call for online application-based transportation to participate also obey Permenhub 108 year 2017," he said

    According to Herman, should the perpetrators of online transportation can agree on the presence of Permenhub 108. Because this problem has been protracted and never finished. Herman said, if the government continues to respond to protests from the perpetrators of online transportation in the future can cause other complexity.

    "We ask for immediate realization, we (conventional and online transportation, red) have had several actions and audiences, we agree to be arranged," he said.

    Herman believes that the government has issued a clear legal umbrella to the online transportation. The rule is judged to have provided justice for conventional transportation. However, he insisted if the government was not firm in applying the law, it would go down the road.

    "If it is not enforced, we will not pay taxes, KIR, yellow plate will also be dislodged.The government should think that there is no tax on the loss of the country, with the regulation of profits to the state, so there is control," said Herman

    As is known, Permenhub Number 108 Year 2017 was issued to replace Permenhub Number 26 Year 2017 on the Implementation of Transport People with Public Motor Vehicles Not In Route. Therefore, the Supreme Court has granted the petition for the judicial review of the Petitioner's Decree 26/2017 on June 20, 2017.

    Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi asserted, the regulation began to be applied on February 1, 2018. The decision was after the Ministry of Transportation gave the socialization of Permenhub for three months.

    Above the rules, the online transportation balked. Rejection was conveyed through demonstrations. A number of points considered to be detrimental are the boundary of the stretch area, the installation of stickers on the glass, the ownership of vehicles that may not be individual, the test of motor vehicles or the KIR test and the driver must have a general driver's license (MAT)

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