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    Moon Eclipse as a Learning Media


    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) accompanied by West Java provincial government officials and the general public to perform prayers as well as witnessing the natural phenomenon of lunar eclipse in collaboration with Hisab Rukyat Regional Agency of West Java at Al-Muttaqin Mosque, Gedung Sate, Bandung, Wednesday / 1/2018).

    According to him, the public must be grateful for this phenomenon, glorify Allah SWT and make it as a medium of learning / ibroh and encourage interest in science.

    "Two signs of God's greatness are the moon and the sun, all natural phenomena are His will and let us look together as a medium of learning for all of us," Aher said in a press statement on Wednesday (31/1/2018) afternoon.

    Moreover, referring to the appeal of Director General of Binmas of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the community is strongly advised (sunnah muakkad) to pray, listen to the sermon, and reproduce dhikr.

    Aher said, all elements in West Java should be grateful for how to multiply efforts in managing the universe. Making the momentum of God Almighty as the starting point in managing the earth of West Java with sustainable management for a more prosperous future.

    Governor of West Java said, this lunar eclipse is a natural phenomenon that describes how orderly universe designed by Allah SWT. "We chuckle in awe at the same time thanks and takbir for this regularity," he said.

    Aher also emphasized, in the Islamic religion in particular, when the eclipse is ordered to say takbir, pray, perform prayers and see directly with the invisible and aids.

    Previously, similar activities conducted Aher, leadership, and the people of West Java during a total solar eclipse on March 9, 2016 ago. Also housed in Al-Muttaqin Mosque, the audience then began with prayers and ended up seeing together.

    National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN) explained that the lunar eclipse on Wednesday (31/1) will be witnessed starting at 18:48 pm and ends at 22:11 pm. The process of the eclipse takes about four hours.

    "On January 31 tonight there will be a rare lunar eclipse that can be observed from Indonesia. This lunar eclipse is rare because the last time about 152 years ago, "said a press release released by PR LAPAN, last weekend.

    According to LAPAN, the eclipse process on January 31 night will start at 18:48 pm and peak of the total lunar eclipse at 19:52 - 21:08 pm. The lunar eclipse will end at around 22:11 pm.

    LAPAN's public relations said the total lunar eclipse on January 31 will be called special because it combines three natural phenomena at once, which by the Head of National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN), Thomas Djamaluddin, called super-blue-blood-moon.

    Called Supermoon, because the moon is still at its closest point to the earth. As a result the moon will look bigger and luminous than ever before.

    It's called the blue moon, because it's the second full moon in January. Full moon this month also occurred on January 1 night.

    "Total lunar eclipse is also often called Blood Moon because when the total eclipse of the moon looks red blood, because the light is filtered in such a way by the Earth's atmosphere," he explained.

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