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    Moon Eclipse January 31, Rare Events


    BANDUNG-ITB Senior Astronomer. Moedji Raharto said that Wednesday, January 31 at around 18:00 pm or when Maghrib month has been published in a state of eclipse. "The peak is around 20.30 pm The position of the moon is 200 kilometers closer to our earth, people call it with Supermoon," said Moedji in Bandung, Tuesday (30/1/2018).

    According to him, this phenomenon can happen 150 years once even more than 150 years. This is a composite phenomenon.
    "If the eclipse only every year can happen 4 times, the sun and the moon, at most 7 times, can be 4 times a month and 3 sun or vice versa," he explained.

    Even according to him can also in seven times the five lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses. If coupled with the eclipse Bluemoon can occur hundreds of years. Then the Supermoon period is 122 years.

    "Because this January 31 happened late afternoon, then the children can watch," he said.

    The effect will be generated from the phenomenon of this eclipse, he said, the tides of sea water, especially when the wind season on earth, the sea water can be high because of the wind.

    "Fishermen know better the condition of water, so they will take into account when fishing, which is clear the price of fish will be more expensive because fishermen do not go to sea," he joked.

    To note, the phenomenon of lunar eclipse on January 31, 2018 in one time, namely Super moon, blue moon and blood moon.
    Moedji said that similar phenomena in Indonesia occurred on March 31, 1866 or about 152 years ago.
    "If the sky is bright, this phenomenon can be seen with the naked eye, harmless to our eyes," he explained.

    The connection with the blue moon, he said only the term if there are two full moon in the same month.

    In this January, the full moon has occurred on the second of yesterday and this is due to the difference in the number of 12 periods of the moon with the period of the Earth's revolution.

    While the blood moon is when the moon is brownish red in the lunar eclipse. This is because the light at the red wavelength that made it to the moon after passing through the earth's atmosphere.

    "The color depends on how much dust and gas in the earth's atmosphere," he explained. (Even)

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