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    West Java Police Reveals Hajj and Umrah Fraud


    BANDUNG-Polda West Java managed to uncover the deception of Hajj and Umrah. In this case, West Java Regional Police appoints two suspects from the company of pilgrims plus and umrah, PT Solusi Balad Lumampah (SBL) namely Aom Juang Wibowo as directors and Ery Ramdani as staff.

    West Java Police Chief Inspector General of Pol Agung Budi Maryoto said the mode of PT SBL organizes the departure of umrah and pilgrimage plus using money game system (ponzi) with unreasonably cheap price.

    As is known, Umroh fee according to estimates from the Ministry of Religious Affairs is Rp 21 million per pilgrim while PT SBL offers Rp 18 million.

    Agung explained that PT SBL has three divisions, namely Conventional Division, Friends Division, and Provider Division. In the Conventional Division PT SBL has received registration of 30,737 pilgrims and pilgrims plus 117 people.

    The total number of prospective Haj pilgrims who have registered as many as 30,237 people, PT SBL managed to raise funds of approximately Rp 900 billion. Of the total prospective Umrah pilgrims who have registered a new approximately 17,383 people departed. The remaining 12,845 have not departed yet.

    "Of the total congregation that has not yet departed, PT SBL has received the money of approximately Rp 300 billion, which has been used by the suspects for personal gain," explained Agung

    PT SBL also received the departure of Hajj Plus as many as 117 people. However, PT SBL does not have a haj organizer permit plus. Each pilgrim candidate plus a cost of Rp 110 million. Thus, the total funds collected from the pilgrim candidates amounted to Rp 12.87 billion.

    "Officers of the Special Criminal Investigation Directorate also seized a number of evidence such as documents, some luxury car units, laptops, mobile phones and cash of Rp 1.6 billion," said Agung

    Both suspects were charged under Article 63 paragraph (1) jo. Article 64 paragraph (1) of Law Number 13 Year 2008 on the Implementation of Hajj, Article 378 jo. Article 55 paragraph (1) to-1 of the Criminal Code and Article 2 paragraph (1) letters r and z jo. Article 3 jo. Article 4 of Law Number 8 Year 2010 concerning Prevention and Eradication of Money Laundering Crime.

    "After coordinating with the Ministry of Religious Affairs, it turns out that PT SBL only pocketed Umrah permission, not to dispatch Hajj," he concluded (MAT)

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