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    Bandung Has Anti Piracy Startup


    BANDUNG-Approximately 30 cross-industry companies have become clients of Authentic Guards, one of Indigo's startup assisted by the authenticity of goods protection.

    CEO and Co-Founder of Authentic Guards, said Muqsith Ahmadi said his client is from the cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry to the sport in the country. In the process of agreement is a number of government agencies.

    The achievement of technology pioneer company from Pasirluyu, Bandung was achieved after building a business approximately a year, and then obtained funding from Indigo Telkom in mid 2017 last year.

    "Our primary service is the protection of the authenticity of the goods, batching system, email marketing solutions and brand search platform, we can investigate, as if there are brands forged in the area, then we report it to the owner," he told reporters in Bandung on Tuesday 30/1/2018)

    The long-time man in Bangkok in the field of sales technology says his app will read a unique code of QR Code and paste it through a hologram sticker.

    Inside the code itself will contain five to six alphanumeric digits generated from the Authentic Guards algorithm that can be used to validate items, whether fake or authentic.

    Therefore, in addition to eksisiting clients, the service can be applied to many types of goods. For example fashion, medicine, spare parts motors, documents, and many others as long as objects or products in physical form.

    While for people who use Authentic Guards application will get product validation capability, will also presented valuable information about brand, manufacturer or distributor, including promo, and other info.

    Muqsith said it provides complete information about producers or distributors that will facilitate consumers to interact if there are complaints and questions about the product.

    "Consumers will also get interesting information about brands, such as discount promos, product info and other interesting offers," he added

    Authentic Guards position themselves as a service that provides an anti-piracy solution while offering an analytics tool to help their business clients monitor their products.

    Authentic Guards is one of the startups of 8 startups who successfully received initial funding of the Indigo program last year. With these funds, it runs a number of strategies such as recruiting talents while improving services.

    Among other things they develop analytics for brand and application development for iOS. He said the company also plans to expand its wings to Jogyakarta, Surabaya and Medan.

    "So far the focus to market Jakarta and Bandung," he said.

    Muqsith added earlier this year, his company is still working on introducing solutions offered to both producer and consumer clients in Indonesia.

    "Simultaneously, we have market penetration by opening representative offices in Singapore (51B Circular Road, Singapore) and Vietnam Office (H3 Building, H? Chí Minh, Vietnam)," he concluded (MAT)

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