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    Bima Asks His Ranks to Monitor Cancer Patients


    KOTA BOGOR- After visiting the people suffering from cancer in Kelurahan Sindang Rasa, Pakuan and Kebon Kelapa, Bogor Mayor Bima Arya resumed his visit to Kelurahan Semplak, Kayu Manis and Cibuluh, Monday (29/01/2018).

    In Kelurahan Semplak, West Bogor District, Bima visited Deskia Rahayu Putri (12) who lives with his mother and grandmother in Gang Swadaya RT. 02 RW. 02. Student of class VI SDN Cilendek I Bogor is suffering from sarcoma Sinovial cancer. To Deskia Bima gave spirit and handed over assistance from Yayasan Kanker Indonesia (YKI).

    Still accompanied by Chairman of TP PKK Bogor Yane Ardian and Head of Health Office (Health Office) Rubaeah, Bima next visited the residence Uripah residents Kayumanis District Tanah Sareal who have breast cancer.

    Ending his visit Bima came to Surtini's residence of breast cancer patient having his address at Cibuluh RT. 02 RW. 04, Kelurahan Cibuluh, District of North Bogor. Surtini lives with her husband Nasir who works as a shopkeeper in the Ciluar Materials area. Surtini and Nasir have 4 children.

    The purpose of this visit according to Bima to provide motivation and passion to the cancer patients in 6 districts as Bogor City.

    "This cancer sufferer needs motivation and spirit," said Bima.

    In addition, he also wanted to ensure that officials in the area to go directly, including the puskesmas. So that people who suffer from the illness is always considered and monitored health condition. (Tria / Indra / Day-SZ)

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