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    Aher: West Java Should Be Number 1


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java Aher obliging West Java become the general winner in PON XIX 2016, so that the spirit of 'Jabar Kahiji' can be achieved. Surely it can be achieved with the presence of a solid committee.

    Therefore, Aher want the entire committee who are members of the core committee structure as well as the Regional Committee can work together in the PON XIX and Peparnas XV 2016. It thus revealed Aher when confirmed the Core Committee of PON XIX and Peparnas XV, on Wednesday (10/2) at the Gedung Sate Bandung.

    So the new formation is revised to be able run better and more effective. According to him, the general preparation of the implementation has been well performed.

    "We continue to see and evaluate the effectiveness of PB PON and Peparnas team, such as in the field of their duty shifts, changing of people formation, and others," said Aher.

    "It was conducted for the smooth of PB PON organisation in its task to  succeed PON 2016 in West Java. We also monitored the KONI continuously, Insya Allah we are still on the track," he concluded.

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