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    Two Years of Cooperation with Japan, Garbage Volume in Bogor City is Decreasing


    BOGOR CITY- Waste management is one of the priority programs of Bogor City Government (Pemkot). In the next two years (January 2016 - March 2018) Bogor City Government and JICA Partnership Project (JPP) of Hiroshima prefecture collaborated with the Master Plan and Master Plan Pilot Area Assistance have provided positive results.

    Based on data and facts in the field, the volume of waste transported to TPA Galuga has decreased by about 50 tons per day or decreased from 650 tons to 600 tons of waste.

    "Two years in a row, Bogor City also received Adipura certificate from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry," said Bogor Mayor Bima Arya during a meeting with Perfectur Hiroshima Japan in Paseban Sri Bima, Bogor City Hall, Monday (29/01/2018).

    Raihan Adipura certificate according to Bima, indicating there is progress in terms of waste management in the city of Bogor from this cooperation. Besides getting Adipura certificate, community participation in garbage processing is also increasing which is seen with the increase of garbage bank to 223 units and there are already 26 units of 3R TPS.

    "Indeed, not all garbage banks are the same in terms of quality of waste processing, but there is the role of society in garbage bank and TPS 3R," he added.

    He said, the strategy of processing waste that is done from upstream, ie sorting the garbage from the house is correct. Currently it remains to continue to strengthen the community. For that, Bogor City Government will involve elements of the TNI to educate the citizens, especially residents close to the river.

    "We still want to continue the cooperation that has been initiated, because we realize in this stage there are still many things that need to be run, especially related to the continuity of waste processing from upstream to downstream," he said.

    Meanwhile, Hiroshima Prefecture Recycling Director Kato Matsuko said waste treatment would not work without cooperation between the government and society. Through this JPP program, Hiroshima prefecture works together to improve waste management in Bogor City by inviting and looking directly at waste processing in Japan.

    "Our hope of this collaboration to be a good start in waste processing in the city of Bogor," he said. (fla / senses-SZ)

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