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    West Java Election, PB NU Remains Neutral


    BANDUNG-Secretary General of the Nahdlatul Ulama Board of Trustees (PB NU) A. Helmy Faishal Zaini said it would remain neutral in the implementation of elections in conjunction 2018.

    PB NU advises people to choose the best leaders for their people. The reason, said Helmy, it has the use of jurisprudence that the policy of a leader must be directly related to the benefits he leads.

    "Jasi please free to choose a trusted leader and will give the benefit to the community," said Helmy who accompanied by the Secretary of PKB Bandung regency, Tarya Witarsa ??after visiting Kiyai Umar Basri in RS Al-Islam Bandung, Monday night (29/1/2018)

    He hopes that the elections will be held in 2018 so that the people can maintain their calm and be able to show that the Indonesian people are the hardest community and have experience in the implementation of the democracy party so as to give peaceful elections.

    "We leave it to the people to choose the leader of their choice because society is getting smarter now," said Helmy

    He admitted that before the elections all candidates of candidates (baphlon) who advanced in pilkada jabar already requested kiyai blessing. However, PB NU ensures no political involvement in the celebration of the five-year democracy party.

    "All candidates have met with kiyai and ulama, yes, the name of bapaslon must ask for blessing, but we are only praying," said Helmy

    Related to the circulation of PC NU foro that supports one candidate pair in elections in unison 2018. He confirmed it has clarified and tabayun that no one did that. The circulation of news events in Purwakarta, that the information is not true.

    "We have the call in question and it was a hoax, so it is not true," he concluded (MAT)

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