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    Perpetrators of Persecution Kiyai Umar Suffers Mental Disorders


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the Medical Committee Bhayangkara Hospital Sartika Asih Bandung dr Leony Widjaja said the perpetrators of persecution led by Al-Hidayah Islamic Boarding School, Santiong Village, Cicalengka Kulon Village, KH Umar Basri bin KH Sukrowi, had been treated in West Java Provincial Mental Hospital for 29 days .


    According to him, the suspect had the initials A (55), had undergone hospitalization since 26 June to 24 July 2014 because of severe mental disorder. However, the suspect does not undergo regular treatment.

    "The suspect had been treated in a mental hospital, unfortunately the concerned did not undergo regular treatment," Leony said during a press conference with West Java Police Chief Inspector General Agung Budi Maryoto in Bhayangkara Hospital Sartika Asih Bandung, Monday afternoon (29/1/2018)

    This psychiatric medicine specialist revealed, based on the results of the examination for two days since the police arrested, the suspect is less coherent against the examiner, and still often hallucinating. The temporary conclusion of the team that handles the suspect is a person with severe mental disorder and hypertension.

    "The concerned is still not able to distinguish the real world and the fantasy, so that, concerned should be hospitalized for observation for 14 days," said Leony.

    Meanwhile, the doctor who once handled the suspect while being treated in a mental hospital, Dr. Leni added, when the patient came through the Emergency Installation and had to undergo treatment for one month.

    "Patients go home with repairs and have outpatient, but we do not know if the patient is still in control," Leni said.

    On the same occasion, West Java Police Chief Insp. Gen. Pol Agung Budi Maryoto said earlier, the suspect was arrested by a joint officer of West Java Police, Bandung Police, and Cicalengka Police in Mushola Al-Fadhulah which is two kilometers from the victim's torture location.

    "When arrested the perpetrators are lying in the mosque," said West Java Police Chief.

    As reported earlier, KH Umar Basri became the victim of the persecution on Saturday (27/1) morning. The unfortunate incident happened when Umar's new kiayi performed the dawn prayer. The victim suffered head injuries, and was taken to RSUD Cicalengka before being referred to RS Al-Islam Bandung (MAT)

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