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    2018 Len Industri Targets Rp 4.2 T Revenue


    BANDUNG-In this year's work plan, PT Len Industri (Persero) targets corporate revenue of Rp 4.2 trillion. The company's financial performance is possible to achieve, especially since 2016 the company continues to show a positive performance improvement trend.

    Throughout the year 2017 the state-owned company has recorded revenues of Rp 3.7 trillion, which is 13.64% higher than RKAP 2017 with pre-audit profit of Rp 17 billion.
    "In 2018, Len targets profit of Rp 118 billion, the strategy is to expand the private or non-APBN market, develop creative business, standardize project management procedures, optimize the utilization of information systems technology and evaluate the structure and standard of project cost," said President Director of PT Len Industri (Persero) Zaky Yasin Gamal in his written statement (29/01).

    Zaky said, from Len's revenue in 2017 that reached Rp 3.7 trillion, the largest percentage comes from the contribution of railway signaling system, next the information technology sector, followed by the defense sector and energy sector. As for the value of assets, said Zaky, until now total assets reached Rp 5 trillion.

    "We also set aside an investment fund for strategic business expansion in 2018 of Rp 545 billion, Increased customer loyalty and corporate existence through a positive image in project handling, offering the best system solutions, product reliability and responsive to complaints and aspirations of all stakeholders we also pay attention , "he explained. jo

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