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    Life Insurance Industry Premium Income Rp61 Trillion


    BANDUNG-Asuransi Aswa Jiwa Indonesia (AAJI) noted that the life insurance industry's total revenues as of the third quarter of 2017 has improved and bancassurance still dominates the contribution of premium income in the life insurance industry by 44.1% or around Rp61.42 trillions of total industry premium revenue of Rp139.27 trillion.

    The growth in life insurance industry premium income that increased until the third quarter indicates that the level of public awareness of the importance of life insurance also increased. So based on that potential.

    The condition encourages Equity Life Indonesia and Bank Woori Saudara to cooperate to improve services that enable Indonesians to access insurance and banking needs through the development of bancassurance lines, by presenting Multi Protection products

    President Director of Bank Woori Saudara Park Tae Yong explains this multi-benefit protection product is present to provide optimal protection and investment to customers of Bank Woori Saudara with some excellent benefits, among others, life insurance guaranteed for life, comprehensive and comprehensive protection, coverage of 1% every year starting in the 2nd year, and so on.

    "The goal is equal to Equity Life that is prioritizing the interests and satisfaction of customers and provide products and services that can complement the needs of customers," he told reporters in Bandung, Monday (29/1/2018)

    Meanwhile, President Director of Equity Life Indonesia Samuel Setiawan said with the presence of Multi Protection Products Benefits that can provide protection solutions as well as this investment.

    "We expect customers of Bank Woori Saudara to have more choices of financial products that fit their financial needs."

    Both sides hope that this bancassurance cooperation can not only increase fee-based income, but also for the community
    Indonesia, especially Bank Woori Saudara customers can achieve the best, without worrying about financial risk in the future by preparing the planning
    finance through Multi Protection Products.

    "Through this Multi Benefit Protection product, it is expected to provide solutions to the financial needs of customers of Bank Woori Saudara," he concluded (MAT)

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