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    4G LTE Technology Users Reach 24 Million People


    BANDUNG-XL Axiata Data service customers continue to increase along with the increase of customers who use the smartphone that reaches 70% of the total customers. Meanwhile, XL 4G LTE service customers also continue to grow and has reached more than 24 million of total customers.

    Vice President of XL Axiata Central Region, Rd.Sofia Purbayanti said, can not be denied current data quota to be one part of the daily needs of people in the digital era. The reason is the changing lifestyle of the people who are now more mobile and digital leads, where almost all people do their activities through digital and smartphones for ease of activity, so that the needs of the community will also include data quota data quota also increases.

    To make it easier for customers to get additional quota data more efficiently, continued Sofia, XL Axiata launched the package "Xtra Quota" is an additional quota of 30GB only with the price of Rp 10 thousand that can be enjoyed for one month.

    Sofia realized, with the increasing range of quality data services, including 4G LTE and 4.5G, it will increase the use of data services by the community.

    "This is what drives demand for data quota continues to increase," he told reporters in Bandung, not long ago

    Sofia explained that in obtaining the benefits of Xota Quota package, the customer must activate XL Xtra Combo data package. The Xtra Combo package has also been updated by excluding quota sharing on 2G, 3G or 4G networks, so customers can now enjoy all of the quota across all networks. Package Xtra Combo can be obtained starting from the price of Rp59 thousand.

    "After the activation of Xtra Combo data packets, customers can then add data quota by enabling Xota Quota package that delivers 30GB at a price of only Rp10 thousand for 30 days," he explained

    Programs that offer easy access to data and internet services are part of XL Axiata's efforts to improve quality to customers. This is in line with the continuous improvement and expansion of good quality data network 3G, 4G LTE, and 4.5G LTE widely and evenly throughout Indonesia.

    "We are also continuing to launch programs that make it easier for people and customers to move more easily to smartphones," Sofia said

    He added XL Axiata already has more than 100 thousand BTS, about 65% is 3G & 4G BTS to support data services. The development of 3G & 4G BTS infrastructure will continue to be in harmony with XL Axiata's focus to become the preferred provider of data connection services in Indonesia.

    "Until the end of 2017, as many as 360 cities / districts throughout Indonesia have also affordable fast 4G LTE internet service, including hundreds of cities / districts in Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi," he concluded (MAT)

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