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    5 Thousand Participants Follow National Gymnastics Competition


    BANDUNG-A total of 5,000 participants follow the national gymnastics competition. The activities initiated by Hansaplas were conducted in 6 cities including Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Malang.

    Marketing Manager of Hansaplas PT Beirsdorf Indonesia, Setiawan Saputra explained that gymnastics is one of the favorite sports for mothers in Indonesia. Sometimes there is a reluctance to exercise because of the ache that arises after doing so.

    According to Setiawan, in order to support a healthy lifestyle, his party held an activity titled Gymnastics Hansaplast Koyo.

    "In order for the mothers to keep the spirit and enterprising exercise without worrying about the stiffness because there is a modern koyo that supports healthy lifestyles of society," said Setiawan in Bandung, Sunday (28/1/2018)

    He explained during October to November 2017, it held the race. Where, involving a community of 100 groups. They were asked to make the most creative choreography in the form of video.

    "Even nearly 5,500 participants from 55 communities held in 6 cities are involved in this activity," Setiawan said.

    Activities that enlivened some celebrities such as Agung Hercules, Valentino "Jebret", Liza Natalia and Vivien Vania received a very good response from the participants. This is evident from some creative video submissions from the participants.

    Setiawan hope this activity gives the spirit for the people of Indonesia to be more active again.

    "It is expected that this race will be a trigger for the community to be more active in sports," said Setiawan

    Meanwhile, guest star Agung Hercules who was lined up entertaining gymnastics competition in Bandung revealed that the flower city is one of the creative city in Indonesia. In addition to having a wealth of culinary, West Java capital has a high artistic potential to produce the best works for the nation of Indonesia.

    "Bandung is very keatif it has been famous from the first .. Bandung is also famous for its culinary the most delicious so many who travel to the city flowers," he concluded (MAT)

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