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    Problem UMSK, This Attitude of West Java Provincial Government


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government has only received proposals for District / City Minimum Wage Sector (UMSK) from five districts / cities. A total of 22 other urban districts are still reviewing the magnitude of UMSK. This study was conducted with workers, employers' associations, and the government. The proposed amount of UMSK should be sent to the provincial government in March 2018.
    "The five areas are Indramayu District, Sukabumi City, Cianjur Regency, Sukabumi Regency, and Depok City. Kabupaten Indramayu and Sukabumi City have been approved to be recommended to the Governor of West Java while the other three still have to complete the administrative requirements according to Permenakertrans No 7 of 2013, "said Head of West Java Manpower and Transmigration Office Ferry Sofwan.
    Ferry explained, to be determined by the governor, the Municipal Wage Council (Depekab / kota) consisting of elements of government, employers' organizations and trade unions make the proposed amount of UMSK. These proposals after they conduct research and collect data and information about the homogeneity of the company, the number of companies, and the number of labor. In addition, it also takes into account the resulting foreign exchange, the added value generated, the ability of the company, association of companies, and associated trade unions / unions
    For UMSK's proposal, Ferry said, any proposals coming from the kabupaten / kota will be discussed by the Provincial Wage Council and do not wait for all proposals from districts to be collected. For UMSK already established in 2017, not all districts / cities are proposing. Therefore, this depends on the condition of the leading industrial sector in the district / city.
    "Actually, in April 2017 we have held a workshop on UMSK and attended by City Wage Councils present. All agreed to discuss it and at the latest the proposal is accepted and determined by the governor at the end of March 2018. If in Depekab / kota there are already workers or workers representatives, assuming that the union / workers already know this so that the demand for UMSK is enacted by the end of January 2018 no need to appear, "said Ferry.
    Previously, the Regional Leadership Council of the Indonesian Metal Workers Union of West Java held a rally in front of Gedung Sate. They demanded that the Governor of West Java immediately impose UMSK 2018 in all districts of the city as West Java and the establishment of UMSK 2018 District City as West Java in the End of January 2018.
    According to him, Disnakertrans Jabar has facilitated the discussion of this UMSK through wage councils, special wage meetings in five regions with Depekab / city in Bogor, Purwakarta, Cirebon, West Priangan and East Priangan areas. Also through the governor's letter to submit a UMSK in March 2018. In the letter also reminded that the Regent / Mayor encourages entrepreneurs to form sectoral employers' associations.
    "We propose to form a sectoral employers association because the most important in making the UMSK proposal is a bipartite agreement between employers and workers about the value of wages. The salary and salary deal. The governor can not force the quantity of UMSK. Moreover UMSK is bigger than MSE, "he said

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