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    Governor Aher Continues to Push Cooperation West Java-South Australia


    ADELAIDE-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan is optimistic that the existing cooperation relationship between West Java Province and South Australia through Sister Province program will be more harmonious as many cooperation programs have been realized since Sister Province program was initiated in 2015.

    This was said by Aher, the Governor of West Java greeting when attending the Minister of Education and Child Development at Adelaide Festival Center, Adelaide, South Australia, on Thursday (25/1/2018) night. Aher was accompanied by wife Netty Prasetyani, President Director of Bank BJB Ahmad Irfan along with his wife, and delegation group.

    In front of the Member of the Legislative Council, Represententing the Premier of South Australia Mr Tung Ngo MLC, academics, West Java community representatives, and representatives from West Java in Adelaide, Aher said Sister Province cooperation established by the Provincial Government of West Java and the Government of South Australia is the most harmonious and best cooperation.

    "We are working with various countries, we have to be honest, among the best, this cooperation with South Australia is the best," said Aher.

    Mentioned Aher, during the two years running, as many as 17 programs from 22 cooperation programs built through Sister Province has been running well. With the success that has been achieved tersebit, Aher wants that cooperation network built by West Java Provincial Government of South-West continue to be improved.

    "We want other programs to run well, both educational and cultural programs, agriculture, until the economy," he said as he said, the exchange program of students, students, and educators should also be improved.

    On that occasion, Aher also stressed the importance of cooperation in the field of culture. According to Aher, culture is the most powerful adhesive in building inter-regional cooperation, including cooperation built Jabar and South Australia.

    "We believe that the culture of harmony and Jabar and South Australia will also signify the harmony between Indonesia and Australia, and therefore, in the future, we want to hold a large cultural festival as a proof of harmony between Jabar and South Australia," Aher said. one meaning, that is happy.

    Meanwhile, Member of The Legislative Council, Representing the Premier of South Australia Mr Tung Ngo MLC admits, with its global strength, Indonesia has become the leader of golabl.

    "And West Java Province plays an important role in the relationship of cooperation between countries, including with South Australia," he said.

    As a representative of South Australia's legislature, it also fully supports the cooperation of Sister City which has been built by West Java Provincial Government and South Australian Government. In fact, it also encouraged the cooperation network continues to be improved.

    "Adelaide and Bandung in particular, are equally concerned about culture and education and cooperation built in these two areas must be improved, including other areas," he said.

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