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    West Java Fishermen Still Can Use Cantrang


    BANDUNG-The government through the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia (KKP) allows the fishermen to use cantrang, although the use of fishing nets is limited.

    In response, Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) said so far the fishermen in West Java are still using cantrang. Because, they do not have fishing nets recommended by the government.

    Previously, the government mentioned some types of fishing nets outside cantrang. However, because some fishermen in West Java do not have it so they can use cantrang although limited.

    "I think the regulation must be obeyed, while yesterday also mentioned some types of nets that are outside cantrang, while so far the fishermen in West Java not all have a net that is recommended so it can still operate," said Demiz to reporters yesterday, opened a Leadership Training-Education Association & Education Personnel (HIMPAUDI) at Pusdikpal Kodiklatad, Cimahi.

    According to Demiz, cantrang is not allowed in the process of fishing. Because, if using these fishing nets then small marine biota will participate netted. In the future, the use of cantrang is limited so that not all small ads are netted.

    "I think this cantrang is not all used but limited, so not all the small marine biota are also netted," he said.

    Demiz said, for fishermen who do not have a net that has been recommended by the government not to worry to use cantrang. Therefore, the regulation of the use of fish nets can be reviewed by the government.

    "For fishermen who do not have a nets that are recommended to use cantrang.Later bjsa seen again this regulation, sometimes can change," he concluded (MAT)

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