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    Minister: Government Won't Hit Legislation for Honorer's Appointment


    BANDUNG-Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister (Menpan RB) Yuddy Chrisnandi said that he understands the aspirations of the former honorer worker category 2. However, it is not easy for the government to accommodate these demands, because there is a provision of legislation that can not be run over by the government.

    It thus stated by Yuddy Minister in a press release issued by the Public Relations of Menpan RB, Thursday (4/2) afternoon.

    However Yuddy confirmed that it continues to open up communication with the former honorer worker category 2 (K2) who requesting appointed to become civil service candidates (CPNS). "If I hit the legislation, I’d get into prison. I can not sacrifice the ranks of the Ministry, while elements that have been citing so far this able to stroll and laugh,” said Yuddy Chrisnandi during the visit of the Honorary Category 2 Indonesia Forum (FHK2I).

    Yuddy Minister asserted that K2 honorer demands can actually be fulfilled as long as there is availability of the budget and clear legal umbrella. But until this time, there is no budget allocation and laws to accommodate these demands. "In the budget there is no budget and legal umbrella," he said.

    He reiterated the Ministry of PANRB have been earnestly find a way out, among others, by seeking to the Ministry of Finance about the budget allocation to resolve the question of temporary employees. It also made a settlement plan in the form of road map as requested by House of Representatives (DPR). “There is complete correspondence as a form of our efforts," he said.

    According to Yuddy, he has tried to find a gap authority or discretion that could be used PANRB Minister as a legal umbrella in resolving the problems. But there is no way to be found, as is known in the Law No. 5 of 2014 on the State Civil Apparatus, which indicates the removal of the civil servant can not be done directly.

    Ministerial Decree can not exceed of government regulations or laws. "I've been using the maximum authority. But it is impossible if there is no legal protection and budget,” said Professor of Faculty of Social Sciences of the National University.

    He added that even if the government kept pressed to realise the K2 honorer wishes, the government's position may not be bumping the rules. "We pressed like anything is impossible, because there is no budget. Even if the budget provided, the legal umbrella should also be available,” Yuddy added.

    Personally, Yuddy realises of the government's answer is probably not be expected by K2 honorer workers.

    In the meeting, the Honorary Category 2 Forum led by Titi Purwaningsih, Regional Coordinator of West Java Imam Supriyatna, South Sumatra Regional Coordinator Syahrizal Ali and Iwan Darmawan as Advocacy FHK2I.

    Titi Purwaningsih on the occasion said that they could understand the position of PANRB Minister that must obey the law. Nevertheless she hoped that the government will promote the K2 honorer workers become civil servants. "We ask our devotion will be appreciated. We do not want to know, even if the budget is not available or there is no legal protection, we just ask to be appointed become a civil servants,” she said.

    Titi also revealed that the K2 honorer will conduct demonstrations at the State Palace on 8 to 12 February 2016.

    Responding to this, Yuddy hoped that the action conducted by conveying their peaceful aspirations. “It’s the right of citizens to express their aspirations," he explained.






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