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    Biosecurity Sterile Insect Technology


    RIVERLAND-On his visit to Luxton Research Center in Riverland, South Australia, on Thursday (25/3/2018) the governor showed his interest in the technique of fruit fly control through the application of biosecurity sterile insect technology (insect sterilized).

    After a direct review of citrus gardens, Aher immediately continued his journey to Loxton Research Center. Aher's presence at the research center was greeted by Loxton and WAaikerie Mr. Major Leon Stasinowsky.

    According to Leon, the South Australian Government spends up to AUS 5 Million Dollars annually for pest management, which includes efforts to prevent, search and eradicate pests, especially fruit fly pests that often interfere with the production of fruits.

    "As a major I am very aware of the related agricultural products and very aware that fruit fly pests should be prevented to increase the production of international markets, local, and this region (Riverland) .Government spent 5 million dollars every year just to eradicate this pest," said Mr. Leon .

    Mr. Leon continued, in addition to pouring a large budget for pest control, the South Australian Government also issued a strict policy related to the prevention of plant pests.

    "Based on government regulation, we build quarantine centers at some point to agriculture area where people have to eat or dispose of fruits and vegetables voluntarily they bring from other regions," he explained.

    Meanwhile, Manager, Plant, and Food Standards Biosecurity SA Mr Geoff Raven explained, biosecurity sterile insect is a surefire step to control fruit fly pest. When the fruit flies outbreak, said Mr. Geoff, the sterilized flies are then released.

    "When the flies plague, we release a thousand of these sterile flies, and the flies that attack the garden will be allowed to mate with these sterile flies until they can not reproduce and die by themselves," he explained.

    Meanwhile, Governor Aher admitted very impressed with the pest control techniques initiated Loxton Research Center this. In fact, Aher wants biosecurity sterile insect technique is applied in the province he leads.

    "In addition to working on sterile flies, we also need cooperation to produce chemical liquids to capture fruit flies, which we believe will greatly help farmers to increase production," Aher said, noting that the construction of a quarantine center is impossible because of the large number agricultural areas spread in West Java.

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