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    Visit Australia, Governor Aher Strengthen Sister Province Cooperation


    ADELAIDE-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) makes a trip to Australia, Tuesday-Sunday (23-28 / 01/2018). The work was done in order to strengthen the brotherhood that has been established between South Australia and West Java Province as Sister Province. Aher is also scheduled to have a meeting with the Indonesian Muslim Community at Masjid Al Hijrah Tempe, Sidney.

    Arriving in Sidney, Australia, Wednesday (24/1/2018) morning, the Governor was accompanied by the wife of Netty Prasetyani along with other delegation entourage, among others, Director of bank bjb Ahmad Irfan and wife, Regional Assistant for Economic and Development of West Java Province Eddy IM Nasution, and Head of Bureau of Governance and Cooperation of West Java Province Taufiq Budi Santoso, immediately went on his way to Adelaide, South Australia.

    Shortly after setting foot in Adelaide City, Aher and delegation troupe then visited the residence of South Australian Governor Hieu Van Le to attend a dinner. In addition to Aher and his entourage, there are also a number of South Australian officials participating in the dinner dish.

    In his speech, Governor Aher hopes, through his visit, the cooperative relationship woven between West Java and South Australia Province continues to increase. Some things that concern, is the transfer of knowledge in agriculture related to the handling of fruit flies in mango gedong lipstick.

    Another thing, increased cooperation in the field of fishery related training and apprenticeship training graduates of SMK Fisheries from West Java to South Australia that has not been done. Finally, the optimization of cooperation in tourism sector is considered not maximal due to the communication that has not been established intensively between the two sides.

    Following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the West Java Provincial Government and the South Australia Government on the Provincial-State Cooperation of Brothers on September 24, 2015, at least 17 programs / activities that have been implemented as the implementation of the cooperation of the Province of South West Java-South Australia. Among others in the field of fisheries, education, government, culture, trade and investment.

    Nine of the 17 programs are activities listed in the Provincial Cooperation Workplan which have been agreed by both parties, while eight of them need to be added to Workplan. As a fulfillment of commitment to the MoU, two Joint Working Group Meetings (JWGM) were held, namely JWGM Ke-1 in Bandung on 15 s.d. November 18, 2015 and 2nd JWGM in Adelaide, South Australia on 25 s.d. October 29, 2016. The plan, JWGM to-3 held in November 2017 in Bandung, West Java. However, for one reason or another, the 3rd JWGM can only be implemented in Bandung, West Java in April 2018.

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