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    West Java KPU Inaugurates 11 Structural Officials


    BANDUNG- 11 structural officials in the Regency / City KPU in West Java are inaugurated by the Secretary of West Java KPU in Setia Permana Hall Jl. Garut No. 11 Bandung.

    The inauguration was attended by Commissioner of West Java KPU, Endun Abdul Haq, structural officials in the West Java Provincial KPU Secretariat, as well as a number of invitations.

    Secretary of West Java KPU, Heri Suherman explained that the eleven officials are from KPUD Kabupaten Indramayu, West Bandung, Subang, and Tasikmalaya Regency, and Sukabumi, Depok, Bandung and Cirebon.

    He reminded the more dynamic of filling position in KPUD secretariat. Because the needs of office can not always be filled with a work unit (satker) but filled from the human resources (SDM) other satker.

    "The job requirement can not always be filled by the local work unit (satker), but it may be filled with human resources from other satker for competence reasons," he told reporters in Bandung on Friday (26/1/2018).

    Therefore, Heri hopes that the organizers of the KPU are prepared to fill positions wherever they need them. However, structural officials can not ask to move but must be ready to move.

    "KPU officers must be ready to fill their positions wherever needed," he concluded. (MAT)

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