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    In Riverland, Governor Aher Impressed Implementation of Irrigation Systems and Antihama


    RIVERLAND-On the second day of his work in South Australia, Thursday (25/3/2017) West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) visited Riverland City to directly review modern and sophisticated technological gardens. This visit is part of Sister Province cooperation between West Java and South Australia Province which has been built since 2015 ago.

    After traveling about three hours from downtown Adelaide, Aher in Riverland. Accompanied by his wife Netty Prasetyani and a delegation entourage, Aher set foot on one of the largest citrus estates (oranges) in Riverland.

    At that location, Aher had a direct review of citrus plants that thrived despite being planted on land that is quite barren and sandy. One of the secrets to grow the fertile of citrus plants, it turns out the drip irrigation system that is given to each citrus plant through the hoses that are planted underground.

    Although the condition of land in Riverland is quite barren and sandy, but the agricultural sector and plantations in the region grew rapidly. Not only citrus plants, other plants, such as grapes to almonds and high-quality vegetables also thrive in Riverland.

    It is not separated from the existence of the River Murray, one of Australia's largest rivers. In addition to balancing ecosystems, the Murray River is also a major water supplier for the garden estates in Riverland and beyond. Murray River became a supplier of irrigation water drops citrus garden visited Aher, including hundreds of thousands of hectares of other gardens.

    In addition to flourishing, fruit crops in Riverland are also free from pests that are often detrimental to farmers, one of the fruit fly pest thanks to the application of biosecurity sterile insect technology (insects that can not breed).

    Through the technology, fruit fly flies will die by itself. Because it is free from pests, the use of pesticides can eventually be avoided, which makes agricultural products, especially fruits of high-quality Riverland origin.

    After seeing the agriculture and plantation governance, including the control of hama, Aher claimed more and more convinced that imported fruits from Australia, especially Riverland, are very good for consumption.

    "With this system, we believe that the fruits from Australia are the healthiest to eat, we will tell West Java people, if you want to buy fruit, buy local fruit to improve the welfare of local farmers, but if you want to buy imported fruit, buy fruit from Australia, "Aher said.

    In addition to Riverland, a number of areas in South Australia become one of the areas of fruit supply to quality wheat to various parts of the world, including Indonesia. South Australia, Barosagali exactly also famous as the best producer of grapes in the world as a raw material of wine (wine).

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