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    Achieve A, West Java Provincial Government Targets 2015 LHE AKIP Level Up


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government targets Report of Performance Evaluation Result of Government Institution Performance (LHE AKIP) 2018, 11 districts / cities in West Java up from C and CC to B or BB.

    This is expressed by West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa representing West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan after the handover of LHE AKIP 2017 by the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucracy Reform (PAN RB) Asman Abnur in Batam, Riau Islands, Thursday (25/1/2018).

    In LHE AKIP 2017 West Java Provincial Government again achieved the predicate A with the value of 80.96 and South Sumatra (80.91). "Alhamdulillah I was representing Pak Governor, we got A like last year, but the overall value rose significantly to 80.96," he said.

    The increase was also achieved from 16 of the 27 districts / cities that now achieve the predicate B with an average value of 61.31 while A's worth is still the city of Bandung. Sekda said from 11 regions that did not get the title of B should be thankful no one got a D. "Average C and CC there are 11 regions that we will push for next year to be a minimum of BB," he said.

    Although his side with Kemenpan has been doing guidance and guidance, the increase in accountability of regional performance passed to the Regents and Mayors respectively. "So we ask the head of the region to follow up this to the head of his OPD ranging from planning, implementation to program control, because the assessment of LHE AKIP is emphasis in program planning," he explained.

    One of the most strategic OPDs in the assessment is the ability of the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) to do the planning. One of the strategies to get a good LHE AKIP according to him is the ability of the region to change the RPJMD according to the size of the goal until the end of the program. "If in the RPJMD there are programs that are not clearly targeted, it is recommended to be changed," he explained.

    Especially for the West Java Provincial Government, Secretary said according to the direction of Governor is expected in 2018 to come back up level from A to AA. However, this target still requires support from the improvement of regional performance. "It means we are dependent on the region as well, because AKIP is part of the synergy between various components of local government and provinces, ultimately object of the same society Jabar. Up this level we will try, "he said.

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