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    Indonesia DPD Encourages Government to Increase Budget Allocation in the Field of Sport


    JAKARTA - The Committee III DPD RI encourages the central and regional governments to increase budget allocation in both APBN and APBD for the development of sports field. Thus one of the conclusions of the Public Hearing Meeting (DPD) of the Committee III DPD RI together with the Chairman of the Professional Sports Body of Indonesia (BOPI) Noor Aman and Chairman of Professor of Sport Association of Indonesia (Apkori) Prof. Djoko Pekik Irianto in Meeting Room of Committee III DPD RI, Wednesday (24/1) Senayan, Jakarta.

    Chairman of the Committee III DPD RI Fahira Idris convey, the results of RDPU also resulted in conclusions that want to increase the role of BOPI in order to give birth to professional athletes who can achieve sustainably.

    "BOPI is also expected to support sports clubs to consistently oversee, develop and foster professional athletes and also oversee the implementation of fair and regulatory sports competitions," Fahira said, Thursday (25/1), as the release received www.jabarprov.go.id .

    Fahira added that from this RDPU Committee III DPD RI also agreed on the need for strengthening for sports education and sports achievement as well as sports professionalism based on competency-based human resources development, the number of trainers and welfare, support adequate sports infrastructure facilities and build public awareness of Sports.

    "The results of this Committee III recommendation arise because we assess the development of national sports today is still not optimally developed, especially from the institutional standpoint, supporting and strategy," he said.

    On this occasion, Fahira also said that sports development really does not merely build a decent sporting arena and create sports athletes as the views of most of our society towards sports development. However, more than that sports development is also part of national development.

    In addition, the development of sports did not escape the involvement of the community either as a designer, organizer, or perpetrator. Law No. 3 of 2005 on the National Sport System states that the process of sports development can be realized in three parts, namely sports education, sports achievements and recreational sports.

    "The national development of sports also needs to involve all stakeholder components in a synergistic and integrated manner. There should also be attention to adequate sports, institutional and budgetary sports, "Fahira said.

    The Jakarta people's representative admitted that he is concerned that seeing Indonesia as a country with a large population of sports growth has not been encouraging, because the population is still overwhelmed by the atmosphere of improving the growth of better standard of living. As a result sport has not been given top priority.

    Sports venues in educational institutions, residential neighborhoods and industrial environments in larger cities are increasingly limited, even many existing sports fields are changing or switching functions, so they can no longer be used for sports.

    Similarly, the lack of professional sportsmen who devote themselves fully to the development of sports, such as mentors, movers, and trainers, are also a constraint in sports development.

    "Despite the many obstacles we face, we remain optimistic that we have the opportunity to mobilize our potential, the movement to popularize sports and to exercise the society must continue to be proclaimed, in terms of large population, basically a potential source to obtain professional sportsman seeds potentially scent the name of the nation in various sports, "he concluded.

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