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    Lebak Earthquake Most Impacted, Sukabumi Regency Can Help West Java Governor


    SUKABUMI REGENCY-Chief Executive (Kalak) Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) West Java Province Dicky Saromi said based on a review to the location of Sirnarasa Village Kec. Cikakak Kab. Sukabumi situation and condition in good condition by local government (BPPBD and Dinsos Sukabumi) and Baznas.

    This village of Sirnarasa is one of three villages in Kab. The reported Sukabumi were heavily impacted at the beginning of the report. "The location is in the Gn National Park area. Halimun, three hours from the office of BPBD Kab. Sukabumi with a heavy field, "explained Dicky in Sukabumi, Thursday (25/1/18) to Public Relations Jabar.

    According to him, the condition of damage is more caused by the type of buildings with poor construction and scattered. While the sturdy buildings around it are safe. "For the logistics needs currently needed tarpaulins, blankets, food, and dam kits. The amount required is still in the count especially for the affected location. The plan will be sent tomorrow from Bandung, "he said.

    Dicky explains the simultaneous damage data verification done on this day, especially in Kec. Cikakak, Kabandungan, Ciemas. These three reports are by far the most impacted locations. "All conditions of infrastructure and public services are still safe and workable. For distant and difficult access locations, more attention is needed, "he explained.

    On the occasion, BPBD Jabar convey the assistance of the Governor of West Java to BPBD Kab. Sukabumi for total assistance Rp418,706,980, with details: Allocation of Reinforcement Rp387.529.980 and Handling Rp31.177.000.

    For the district of Kab. Bogor and Kab. Cianjur, according to the BPBD Jabar team report, these two districts are relatively small impact of damage, especially in Kab. Cianjur. "Handling can be done well, even the local BPBD guarantee to do independently with their funding. Post-disaster handling for types of Heavily Damaged, Medium Damaged and Lightly Damaged by Kab. Bogor can be overcome independently, "said Dicky.

    Wednesday (24/1/18), West Java Provincial Government through Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Prov. Jabar moved quickly to check the three locations and logistical sufficiency of the area affected by the largest Lebak earthquake, namely Cianjur, Bogor, and Sukabumi.

    The tectonic earthquake that occurred in the Indian Ocean Region on Tuesday (23/1/18) at 13:34 pm 6.1 magnitude occurred occurred at sea at a distance of 43 KM southwest of Lebak Regency of Banten Province at a depth of 64 KM.

    BPBD Prov. Jabar released data per January 24, 2018 at 08.00 pm said at least 19 cities / kab in West Java feel the earthquake. Includes Kab. Sukabumi, Kab. Bekasi, Kab. Bogor, Kab. Cianjur, Kab. Subang, Kab. Bandung, Kab. West Bandung, Kab. Sumedang, Kab. Majalengka, Kab. Garut, Kab. Tasikmalaya, Kab. Ciamis, Kab. Pangandaran, Sukabumi City, Bekasi City, Bogor City, Bandung City, Tasikmalaya City, Banjar City.

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