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    Post-Earthquake Lebak, Communications Traffic Rise Sharp


    BANDUNG - An earthquake measuring 6.1 ricther scale that occurred in Lebak District and was felt in several cities in the Greater Jakarta and West Java on Tuesday, January 23, 2017 did not interfere with Telkomsel service.

    Telkomsel noted, after the earthquake disaster in Lebak Regency that also felt to the area of ??Banten, DKI Jakarta and part of West Java, there was a surge in communication traffic both call and data services.

    "Nelpon service traffic jumped by 13% and data services increased by 50% in Jabotabek area compared to the same time on weekdays," said Executive Vice President of Jabotabek Area Jabar Telkomsel, Ririn Widaryani told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (24/1/2018 )

    According to Ririn, the post-quake traffic spike in Lebak Regency is driven by the high access of broadband-based services by customers, especially for instant messaging service access and internet browsing in order to seek the latest information from sources of trust and to inform family or close relatives of current conditions.

    Telkomsel has done a thorough check starting from the service facility to the condition of the employees around the location of the earthquake, especially in Kabupaten Lebak and Banten province as a whole.

    "We are grateful that there are no casualties from employees or significant damage to Telkomsel's operational facilities in Banten and surrounding areas," said Ririn

    There are more than 300 Telkomsel Base Transceiver Station (BTS) located in Regency and Lebak, Banten. This amount is a total of more than 7,000 base stations in the operational area of ??Telkomsel Regional Western Jabotabek (covering Banten Province and West Jakarta Municipality) which now serves more than 8.8 million subscribers.

    Appropriate monitoring of Telkomsel field officers located in Lebak area, in a number of locations had occurred due to power outages as a result of the earthquake, which also affects the operational facilities of Telkomsel BTS network in the region.

    "As a preliminary anticipation step, Telkomsel has operated a mobile genset device to maximize the operational base stations affected by the power cuts from PLN," explained Ririn

    Telkomsel also ensures that all customer service points in the operational area of ??Jabotabek Jabar area remain normal and ready to serve customers' needs as usual.

    "Including 7 GraPARI in Lebak and surrounding areas including Serang, Cilegon and Pandeglang," said Pungkasnga (MAT)

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