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    Suspect of Smuggling Crystal Meth Threatened Death Penalty


    BANDUNG-Head of Regional Office of the Directorate General of Customs of West Java, Syaefullah Nasution said, suspects smuggling drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors (NPP) Methamphetamine type (sabu) as much as 715 grams threatened death sentence.

    The suspect is entangled in violation of Article 113 paragraph (2) of Law Number 35 Year 2008 concerning narcotics with the threat of punishment in the form of capital punishment, life imprisonment or imprisonment minilaml 5 years and maximum 20 years.

    "And a maximum fine of Rp10 billion plus 1/3 of the maximum fine," said Syaefullah told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (24/1/2018)

    In addition, suspected smuggling of sabu through the airway of Husein Sastra Airport of Bandung state valued at Rp1, 4 billion is subject to article 102 letter e Law No. 17 of 2006 on amendment of Law number 10 of 1995 on customs.

    "The threat of punishment in the form of imprisonment of at least 1 year and a maximum of 10 years and the fine penal most palng a little Rp50 million and a maximum fine of Rp 5 billion," said Syaefullah.

    He explained that the smuggling of narcotics smuggling of this type of Menthamphetamine shows that the international narcotics network makes Indonesia one of the largest narcotics market and massively attempts to smuggle illicit goods to be circulated in Indonesia.

    "This action as a proof of Customs Bandung in synergy with all members of the airport Interdiction in an effort to combat illegal distribution of NPP in Indonesia to protect and save the public from drug abuse and drugs illegally," he concluded. (MAT)

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